IZI workers
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Empower your workforce, Ensure compliance.

Make safety and compliance easy for your entire workforce with IZI Workers. Set clear requirements for internal staff, external workers, and visitors. Get everyone onboard quickly and automate compliance tasks.


Discover how TotalEnergies successfully manages the compliance of over 60,000 workers across more than 50 countries using IZI Workers.

Reduce time & errors

Ditch the paperwork! Assign tailored compliance requirements based on job profiles and risk levels.

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Proactive risk management

Monitor compliance in real-time, identify potential issues, and take corrective actions before incidents occur.

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Enhanced safety culture

Foster a culture of safety and accountability by providing workers with the tools they need to stay compliant.

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How do I get my workers compliant?

1. Set up compliance requirements

  • Define the specific requirements for each worker based on their job role and associated risks.
  • Assign them resources like e-learning modules, document requests (upload or read), and track in-person training completion.
tailored workflow design

2. Onboard contractors

  • Simply register your workers in the system.
  • They'll receive automated emails with login credentials for their individual accounts accessible on any device (web or mobile app).
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3. Train and collect documents

  • Workers can conveniently complete assigned e-learning modules from any device.
  • They can upload required documents based on your set criteria.
  • Our team can verify and validate the documents, or alternatively, you can utilize a dedicated tool for document verification.
tailored workflow design

4. Compliance verification

  • Upon arrival at your worksite, workers simply present their unique QR code to the site supervisor.
  • The supervisor can instantly verify compliance status before granting access to the work area. This ensures complete control over worker compliance before they begin work.
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5. Automated proactive monitoring

  • The system automates the entire monitoring process.
  • Customizable notifications are sent to you, the worker, and the supervisor to alert everyone of expiring documents well in advance. This proactive approach prevents disruptions and ensures ongoing compliance.
tailored workflow design

Benefits of using IZI Workers

Reduced risk & improved operational safety: Proactive compliance management minimizes the potential for accidents and incidents.

Improved communication & collaboration: Foster a more connected and engaged workforce through secure communication tools.

Improved communication & collaboration: Foster a more connected and engaged workforce through secure communication tools.

Enhanced visibility & control: Gain complete oversight of your workforce's compliance status with real-time data.

Start transforming your worker compliance today!

Discover how IZI Workers can empower your workforce and ensure a safer work environment. Let our team show you the power of our solution.

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