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IZI Permits

Digitization of permits and work authorizations.

Create, complete, and validate all types of permits in real-time, securely, with a configurable custom notification flow for each step of the permit(s).

About the feature

The smart solution for management optimized and secured of work permits.

Digitize all your work permit forms and attachments for more efficient paperless management.

Have a comprehensive view of all work permits and authorizations created and validated on your sites, increasing the traceability of the entire process.

Customize approval and signature workflows for each site, each intervention, or each type of permit based on your requirements and context.

Archive all work permits across all your sites and interventions, and make them readily available in a few clicks for audits.

Centralize all data related to your work permit process in one place, and combine it with other features to continuously improve your processes.

It seamlessly integrates with IZI Safety's other compliance management solutions, providing a cohesive overview of permits, workers, contracting companies, and equipment.

Simplify management of work permits.

Paperless Management - Forget about paper forms and the associated paperwork. IZI Permits allows you to fully digitize your work permits, simplifying their management and controls, while reducing the risk of errors.

Custom Configuration - Create permit templates tailored to your specific needs. Define the steps, requirements, and authorizations required for each type of permit, ensuring that stakeholders have the appropriate information.

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Maximize efficiency of your work permits.

Automated Workflow - IZI Permits allows you to automate work permit processes, reducing the time and effort required to manage them. Follow a clear and streamlined workflow, from creation to validation and approval, improving overall efficiency.

Custom Notifications - Receive real-time notifications for every step of the work permit process. Stay informed about pending requests, required approvals, and critical deadlines, ensuring proactive tracking and timely processing of permits.

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Traceability and increased compliance.

Audit and History - IZI Permits records a complete history of each work permit, including changes made and validations performed. Easily access a detailed audit for full traceability and strict compliance.

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Integration with business processes.

By integrating the IZI Permits functionality with other IZI Safety features, strengthen your HSE process and reduce operational risks while saving time in the field by avoiding delays due to poorly prepared permits or non-compliant companies, contractors, or equipment.

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Transform your work permit management process with IZI Permits. Contact us now for efficient management, improved traceability, and enhanced security.

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