IZI permits
A product of IZI Safety

Digitize your permit-to-work and other operational processes.

IZI Permits offers a user-friendly and secure solution for managing all your work permit needs. Digitize your entire permit-to-work process, from creation to completion, and gain real-time visibility into your operations.


Discover how TotalEnergies is currently digitalizing it’s permit-to-work process across more than 50 countries using IZI Permits.

Effortless permit creation and management

Digitize all types of HSE processes and workflows effortlessly with IZI Permits, eliminating the need for paper forms and manual data entry, thus streamlining the entire workflow. Configure personalized notification flows for each step of the permit process, ensuring comprehensive communication and keeping all involved parties informed throughout.

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Enhanced collaboration and visibility

Establish distinct roles for contributors and validators within the permit process, ensuring clarity and accountability. Receive real-time alerts when action is needed on a permit, facilitating swift decision-making and keeping projects on track. Access a comprehensive overview of all ongoing and past permits through our user-friendly permit listing, simplifying monitoring and management tasks.

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Improved traceability and control

Quickly and easily access any active or archived permit, bolstering operational traceability with a complete digital record of all work permits. Enhance flexibility by exporting permits to PDF format for offline storage or record-keeping purposes, ensuring accessibility and compliance regardless of internet availability.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate IZI Permits with your existing workflow management tools for a unified solution.

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Mobile app accessibility

Take permit management with you on the go! IZI Permits is available on our mobile app for on-field use, ensuring easy access and management of permits wherever you are.

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Benefits of using IZI Permits

Improved safety: ensure proper authorization and adherence to safety procedures.

Improved traceability: maintain a complete digital record of all permits to work.

Increased efficiency:streamline permit creation, approval, and tracking.

Real-time visibility: Gain instant insights into all ongoing permits.

Ready to transform your process for permits to work?

Streamline your safety protocols and enhance efficiency with our innovative permit-to-work system.

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