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Qualification and monitoring of external companies.

Simplify the compliance management of your external companies by assigning them documentary prerequisites based on their activities or your requirements. Manage every step of your service providers' qualification, from the tender phase to the validation of technical documents related to their interventions.

About the feature

Simplify external company compliance and reduce risks in the field.

Simplify the management of your external companies by centralizing all the steps of your processes (from qualification to on-site interventions) with IZI Companies.

Be notified in real-time of upcoming deadlines for your service providers, and in case of non-compliance in the field.

Save time in managing the qualification and compliance of your contractors by automating the process through IZI Companies, while ensuring a complete history and traceability.

IZI Companies offers customization and flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of your company in terms of managing the compliance of contracting companies.

Assignation documentary prerequisites.

Assign documentary prerequisites to your contracting companies based on their activities or your requirements.

Assign specific documents to your contractors that they can upload to the platform (such as insurance certificates or other administrative documents).
Quickly transmit and provide them with a tool to consult important official information, such as announcements, guidelines, or updates, ensuring clear and consistent communication with your contractors.
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Proactive monitoring of non-conformities.

Reduce your risk in the field with proactive non-conformance monitoring, allowing you to identify potential issues and resolve them quickly.

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Flows of notification.

Configure custom notification flows for yourself and your operators to streamline the entire process, from assigning prerequisites to non-compliance alerts.

Push notifications
Push notifications allow for instant alerts to be sent to workers, keeping them informed about newly assigned prerequisites and important reminders.
Email notifications provide complete and detailed communication, allowing the inclusion of relevant documents and links for easy access and tracking of prerequisites.
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Optimize the management of your contracting companies with IZI Companies. Contact us today and transform your compliance process!

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