IZI equipments
A product of IZI Safety

Take control of assets compliance and streamline your operations.

Simplify assets compliance and keep your operations safe with real-time tracking and proactive monitoring.

Take control of your assets compliance with ease.

Simplified assets compliance management

IZI Equipments streamlines equipment compliance. A centralized registry tracks your equipment throughout its lifecycle, allowing you to configure tailored requirements based on type (documentation needs, lifespan management). Access equipment information offline using our dedicated mobile app.

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Visual Inspections made easy

Ensure thorough equipment inspections with customizable checklists. Create and assign specific checklists to each piece of equipment, setting completion frequencies. Complete checklists directly on-site through the mobile app for instant synchronization.

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Proactive monitoring and alerts

Stay informed and take prompt action with real-time notifications. Receive email and push alerts for non-compliance issues, while allowing authorized personnel access to complete equipment compliance documentation.

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Benefits of using IZI Equipments

Boost operational safety with thorough inspections, real-time compliance insights, and prompt action on non-compliance.

Gain real-time visibility into your equipment status for better decision-making and proactive maintenance strategies.

Increase efficiency by streamlining inspections and providing offline access to equipment information.

Achieve peace of mind knowing you have a compliant and safe operational environment.

Asset’s compliance management on autopilot!

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