Customer case study

Discover how TotalEnergies has successfully implemented IZI Safety in their daily operations across more than 50 countries, setting a new standard for safety excellence.

TotalEnergies is a global multi-energy company engaged in the production and supply of various forms of energy, including oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables, and electricity.
Paris, France

The context

TotalEnergies, one of the leading global players in the energy sector, turned to the IZI Safety solution - a web platform and mobile application - to ensure compliance with its Health-Safety-Environment procedures, among the most stringent in the industry, during operations conducted by external companies and their workers.

The solution provided by IZI Safety

IZI Safety proposed a comprehensive solution, comprising a web platform and a mobile application adaptable to the needs encountered within the project scope (deployment worldwide, within entities with varied contexts). This solution enabled administrators in each TotalEnergies subsidiary to autonomously and efficiently manage compliance of their employees and subcontractors across all sites, while allowing the headquarters to monitor the HSE performance of these entities in real time. Here are some key features of the solution:

  • Allocation of e-learning courses/specific resources to each worker: The solution enables the creation and assignment of training content and documents in just a few clicks, ensuring a personalized training journey based on activity typologies, to ensure maximum operational safety.
  • Mobile application for distance learning: Workers have access to a mobile application that allows them to pursue distance learning flexibly, according to their schedules.
  • Intervention traceability: Through the solution, supervisory staff save time by completing all necessary checks before starting interventions, while allowing HSE managers to track ongoing activities and their compliance with company standards in real-time.
  • Completion of task-specific forms: The solution facilitates digital completion of task-specific forms, thereby improving the efficiency and traceability of HSE processes.
  • Digitalization of inspection processes: Integration of digital prevention plans and work permits to ensure compliance of interventions and guarantee the safety of personnel, subcontractors, and facilities.

« We have successfully integrated IZI into our daily operations, significantly improving our efficiency. As an affiliate, we work with multiple contractors who are involved in various types of work. IZI has proven to be invaluable in facilitating the training of all contractor personnel and ensuring compliance with necessary qualifications.»

Laith Al Daoud
Laith Al Daoud

HSE Manager at TotalEnergies Marketing Jordan

Results and key figures

By the end of 2023 , the IZI Safety solution had been deployed in 50 subsidiaries of the company, covering over 60,000 workers and managing more than 30,000 interventions per year. Additionally, the solution was implemented to manage 6,400 intervention sites for TotalEnergies.

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