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IZI Documents

Simplification and optimization of document management.

Manage all necessary administrative and technical documents for your operations in a simple and efficient way, for your external companies, their stakeholders, and equipment used in the field.

About the feature

Simplify manage documents, reduce risks and improve compliance.

Simplify the management of all the documentation necessary for your operations with IZI Documents.

Configure custom sending and validation workflows for each operation and/or document type with IZI Document.

Track and archive all the documentation provided by your teams or suppliers for the execution of operations at your sites within a single tool.

Make operational documentation available to your field teams within IZI Documents, enabling them to make informed daily decisions while reducing the time required to gather information.

Management simplified of documents.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing scattered and disorganized documents. IZI Document allows you to centralize all your administrative and technical documents in a secure single location. Whether it's contracts, licenses, reports, or manuals, you can easily store, organize, and access all the documents needed for your operations with just a few clicks.

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Customization sending and validation flows.

Every company has specific document requirements. With IZI Document, you can configure customized sending and validation flows for each intervention and document type. Define validation and verification steps, assign roles and responsibilities, and ensure that all documents are compliant before they are used in the field.

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Reduction of risk management and monitoring proactive of non-compliances .

Compliance is key to minimizing risk in the field. IZI Document constantly monitors documents to detect deficiencies, expired or non-compliant documents. You receive real-time alerts, allowing you to take preventive measures and reduce the risks associated with the use of outdated or non-compliant documents.

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Traceability and increased compliance.

Having complete visibility into the documents used during interventions is crucial to ensuring regulatory compliance. IZI Document records and tracks all necessary documents for each intervention, external company, stakeholder, and equipment. You can easily access the document history, ensure their validity, and meet audit requirements with confidence.

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Simplification administrative processes.

IZI Document automates administrative processes related to documents. You can set document prerequisites for external companies, stakeholders, and equipment, simplifying the collection and verification of necessary documents. With clear workflows and automated reminders, you save valuable time and reduce administrative errors.

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IZI Documents - The smart solution for smooth management of your document flows. Contact us today to simplify your document process..

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