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IZI Forms

Digitization and distribution of business forms.

Create custom forms in just a few clicks and easily distribute them across your sites. This way, you enhance the security of your business processes by leveraging the data collected daily in the field.

About the feature

Bring your forms to life, collect data securely, and harness the potential of your HSE data with IZI Forms

Simplify data collection by replacing paper forms with digital forms accessible even without an internet connection.

Create forms specific to each of your processes in just a few clicks and distribute them to your teams and operators in the field.

Ensure the security of confidential data collected through protection and privacy measures.

Enhance the traceability of your business processes by integrating one or more forms.

Analyze and leverage the collected data to make informed decisions and improve your operations.

Guarantee the security of the data collected thanks to our GDPR compliant solution.

New : Mode offline is now available.

IZI Forms also offers an offline mode functionality, allowing you to work without an internet connection. Whether you're in a remote site, an area with low network coverage, or simply on the go, you can continue using IZI Forms and fill out your forms with peace of mind. The entered data is stored locally on your device until you regain an internet connection, at which point it will be automatically synchronized with your IZI Forms account. This feature ensures continuity in your data collection, allowing you to remain productive and uninterrupted even in the absence of a stable network connection.

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Simplification of the data collection process.

With IZI Forms, say goodbye to tedious manual data collection. Our user-friendly mobile application allows interveners to easily fill out the required forms in the field, reducing errors and delays, and speeding up the collection of essential information.

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Customization of forms according to your needs.

Create fully customized forms to meet the specific requirements of your business. Add fields and instructions to collect relevant data for your business processes while ensuring consistency and quality of the collected information.

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Analysis and utilization of collected data.

Data collected in the field is valuable. With our solution, you can analyze and leverage this data in a structured manner to identify trends, make informed decisions, and improve your operations based on the insights gained.

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Compliance with GDPR regarding collected data.

Data security is our priority. IZI Forms ensures the secure collection of information submitted through our mobile application. Your data is stored confidentially and is only accessible to authorized personnel, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of your sensitive information.

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