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Creation and distribution of interactive content.

Easily create interactive and engaging content (videos, quizzes, reading materials, etc.) and efficiently manage the distribution and tracking of your online training. Facilitate the distribution and tracking of this content to different target audiences: internal staff, external workers, etc.

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Transform learning into an engaging experience engaging tailored to strengthen skills and ensure compliance for your business.

Easily create custom interactive and engaging content by combining various types of media: videos, images, documents to read, quizzes, etc.

Distribute your content with just a few clicks to all your users or specific populations, and easily track the progress of training with dedicated dashboards and reporting.

Users can flexibly access training content through a web platform and a mobile application, promoting self-directed learning.

Keep your training content up to date over time by updating it autonomously, ensuring that your users have access to the latest information and best practices in their field, while drastically reducing your training costs.

Create interactive training content.

Easy Creation - IZI Learning offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface to quickly create interactive training content. Add videos, quizzes, reading materials, and other elements to engage learners and optimize learning.

Training Personalization - Customize training content to meet your specific needs. Personalize modules, exercises, and assessments to align with your company's learning objectives.

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Broadcast your online trainings effectively.

Web platform and mobile application - IZI Learning provides a versatile learning experience with its user-friendly web platform and intuitive mobile application. Learners can access courses, track their progress, and interact with content, whether from their computer or mobile device.

Optimal Accessibility - With the web platform and mobile application, learners have the flexibility to train according to their preferences and schedule. They can learn on the go or remotely, ensuring optimal accessibility to training courses.

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Facilitate training management.

Centralized Management - IZI Learning enables centralized management of all training courses. Organize and efficiently manage your content, resources, and training schedules, facilitating the planning and administration of your training programs.

Access for Different Audiences - IZI Learning facilitates the distribution of training content to different audiences, such as internal staff, external stakeholders, or partners. Each user has secure and personalized access to relevant courses, optimizing the learning experience.

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Revolutionize your training with IZI Learning! Create interactive content, deliver online courses, and track your learners' progress. Contact us for a personalized demo and transform your approach to training now.

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