IZI learning
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Create and deliver engaging online training.

IZI Learning empowers you to create, distribute, and track interactive training content for your workforce. It’s user-friendly platform simplifies the process of building engaging online courses, ensuring your teams have the knowledge they need to succeed.


Discover how contractors and workers across 50 countries have collectively spent over 171,650 hours engaging with TotalEnergies training content using IZI Learning.

Smooth content creation

IZI Learning's drag-and-drop authoring tool makes developing training content a breeze.  Simply drag and drop various components like:

  • Videos
  • Documents : internal memo, technical documentation..
  • Images
  • Quizzes
  • And more!

This intuitive interface allows you to build a diverse and engaging learning experience for your trainees.

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Streamlined distribution and tracking of your training

Distributing your training content is just as easy. IZI Learning allows you to manage access for different audiences:

  • Internal staff
  • External partners
  • Contract workers

Each user receives secure, personalized access to the courses they need. The platform also provides comprehensive tracking features, so you can monitor progress and measure the effectiveness of your training programs.

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Benefits of using IZI Learning

Save time and money: Deliver customized training to anyone, anywhere, on any device with our web and mobile app.

Simplified workflow: Set up mandatory or optional courses based on your specific needs.

Boost agility: Quickly share learnings from near misses and accidents, transforming them into valuable training opportunities.

Improved compliance: Ensure your workforce stays up-to-date on industry regulations and mandatory training requirements. IZI Learning's tracking features help you monitor completion and generate reports for compliance audits.

Make the switch to IZI Learning and experience a more efficient and effective training experience.

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