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Simplify your HSE processes and optimize your operational compliance with IZI Safety's digital solutions.

Qualify your external companies. Manage the compliance of your workers and their equipment. Track on-site operations in real-time. Digitize your work permits and business forms. Create custom training content in just a few clicks. Manage administrative and technical document flows. Thanks to its ecosystem of features, IZI Safety allows you to manage all aspects of your operations, from arrival at your sites to project completion and closure.

Developed closely to meet on-site needs
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About IZI Safety

Digital solution for HSE management 360°

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Why choose

60 000+

Operators already managed through our solution.


Our solution allows you to ensure the compliance of your contractors and stakeholders during operations on your sites.

Modular Solution

By combining the 8 features based on your needs and context, you get a tailored solution designed to address your operational challenges.

Time Saving

Digitize and automate your work process to save time and improve the safety of your operations, while ensuring complete traceability at every stage of the process.


Our support team is available to you and your users throughout the duration to assist you in the optimal use of the solution.


Eight challenges
One solution.

IZI Companies

Qualification and monitoring of external companies.

Qualify your external companies before their arrival at your sites. Assign them documentary requirements to ensure their compliance. Reduce your on-site risks by being notified in case of non-compliance.

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IZI Companies
IZI Workers
IZI Workers

Ensure compliance of your workers.

Ensure compliance of your operators with your requirements, based on their activities at your sites, by managing various prerequisites: e-learning, documents, in-person training. Minimize on-site risks through proactive monitoring of non-compliance.

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IZI Equipments

Real-time tracking and management of equipment compliance.

Access in real-time the inventory of equipment present on your sites and used in interventions. Ensure their compliance by centralizing all associated documentation in the tool: maintenance logs, inspections, registration, etc..

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IZI Equipments
IZI Intervetions
IZI Interventions

Real-time monitoring and management of interventions.

Visualize in real-time the companies, operators, and equipment currently involved in interventions at your sites, and receive alerts in case of non-compliance or high risks. Simplify the planning and preparation of interventions, both for your teams and service providers, and ensure complete traceability of operations at your sites.

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IZI Documents

Simplification and optimization of document management.

Simplify and optimize the management of all the administrative and technical documents essential to your operations, whether they are related to external companies, their operators, or the equipment used in the field. Configure customized sending and validation workflows for each intervention or document type, providing simple and efficient management.

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IZI Documents
IZI Forms
IZI Forms

Digitization and distribution of business forms.

Easily digitize your business forms and effortlessly distribute them on your sites through our mobile application. Collect field data and use it to enhance the security of your business processes.

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IZI Permits

Digitization of permits and work authorizations.

Digitize your work permit and authorization forms. Create, fill out, and validate them through customized validation workflows, ensuring complete traceability of the process from preparation to closure.

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IZI Permits
IZI Learning
IZI Learning

Creation and distribution of interactive content.

Create interactive content and easily distribute it to all your participants or specific audiences. Combine videos, images, documents, and quizzes to create customized content in just a few clicks, and track the progress of your participants.

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IZI Safety works on all devices.

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Join the 100+ HSE managers, company leaders, and HSE supervisors who have chosen IZI Safety to simplify the compliance management of their operations.

“We have successfully integrated IZI into our daily operations, significantly improving our efficiency. As an affiliate, we work with multiple contractors involved in different types of work. IZI has proved invaluable in facilitating the training of all contractor personnel and ensuring compliance with the necessary qualifications.”

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Laith Al Daoud

HSE Manager

TotalEnergies Marketing Jordan

“IZI's reporting functionality has provided me with a complete visibility of contractors' compliance with ease.”

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Priscilla Koi

Technical and Engineering Coordinator

TotalEnergies Marketing Kenya